Why We Exist

Learn for Life Empowerment Project

The Learn for Life Empowerment Project is a social enterprise dedicated to uplifting disadvantaged people in the Indian cities of Varanasi and New Delhi, by providing free education in the forms of early child development and vocational training for youths and adults. We believe that true empowerment is only possible through education and meaningful work. The project is three fold, consisting of the Badi Asha School, Learn for Life Tailoring Project and Brown Bread Bakery.

Badi Asha School

Badi Asha in Hindi means “Big Hope”. The school provides free education, health care, nutritious food and clothing to around 170 children from the ages of 4 to 16 years, who reside in the impoverished Aurangabad district of Varanasi.

 Learn for Life Tailoring Project

Our tailoring project is committed to Community and Women's Empowerment. The all-woman staff is trained to design and produce tailored goods. The garments are hand-made, and many fabrics used are hand-printed or hand-woven. For this project, Learn for Life has partnered with Pallavi Handmade Goods to provide designs and assistance with the vocational training. 

Brown Bread Bakery

Our group of our restaurants, bakeries, and a guest house in Varanasi and New Delhi. The project provides free Vocational Training and employment for underprivileged section of society, while promoting sustainable organic farming and local food production. Our Varanasi branch offers jobs to Mothers of our school students.


By donating to our project you join us in bringing hope to the disadvantaged.