Vintage Kantha Kimono Coat - Fall/Winter 2019, no.9
Vintage Kantha Kimono Coat - Fall/Winter 2019, no.9
Vintage Kantha Kimono Coat - Fall/Winter 2019, no.9
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Vintage Kantha Kimono Coat - Fall/Winter 2019, no.9

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Upcycled vintage Kantha with vintage silk sari lining.

Kimono inspired cropped collar style, above the knee length, and 3/4 length loose fitting sleeves.

Size: Small-Medium.  Garment Measurements laying flat:

  • Shoulder width: 43 cm
  • Length from back neck seam: 88 cm
  • Chest from under arms: 54 cm

Each coat is One of a Kind due to the unique nature of the handmade and vintage material pieces being used. In other words, this coat has a quantity of 1.

Kantha is a type of Embroidered Quilting traditionally done by rural women of East India and Bangladesh, by recycling old clothing and fabric and layering them with long running stiches. Finished Kantha pieces are then typically used as blankets, throws, bed covers, and shawls.

Unlike the new commercial Kantha that is more common today, this Vintage Kantha is made for and used in the home by the families of the individual artisans, and continually added to over a period of yearsConsidering the time and amount of use that is required to give this material its unique multi-layered textures (and lets not forget to mention the intricate hand work), an extra dimension is added to the concept of Slow-Fashion.

Eventually some exquisite pieces may find there way to antique/vintage craft collectors, which is where we hand selected the most unique and beautiful for use in this collection.

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